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Return & Exchange Policy

Contact lenses and prescription lenses for glasses:

contact lenses :

Contact lenses are not allowed to be returned or exchanged after opening the box or writing on it.

Returns or exchanges are permitted within three days if the box has not been opened.

Prescription lenses:

It is not permitted to exchange or return prescription lenses for glasses if the request is approved and an invoice is issued

Medical glasses and sunglasses:

Prescription glasses and sunglasses: Frames can only be exchanged and returned in the following cases:

Glasses are allowed to be returned within 24 hours from the time the invoice is issued (spectacle lenses are not included)

Glasses are allowed to be replaced within three days from the date of issuing the invoice (spectacle lenses are not included)

Spare parts are provided by the agent or distributor of the brand (if available).

In cases of return or exchange, the products must be in their original condition with the original box, invoice, and all contents

Naqaa Al Ain Trading Company